“Bringing your audio to LIFE!”

In addition to Voice Over services, Nate has a fully outfitted, broadcast quality audio production studio ready to help you produce and edit your content! 

Begle Booth Studios can provide full audio production on commercials, promos, trailers, audiobooks, podcasts and more! 

Nate also offers coaching, editing and production for Youtube Channels, films, stage, puppetry and more! 

For all inquiries: nate@natebegle.com

Nate not only performs as Crow T. Robot for the new Mystery Science Theater 3000 LIVE, but is also a writer and producer for the show, most recently for the “Social Distancing Riff Along Special”!

For Disney Dan,

Nate sits in live during recording sessions to monitor levels, coach through difficult sections, and help maintain the narrative.

After recording sessions he processes and edits the audio, making a final cut track for the channel’s editor.

Nate occasionally appears on the channel as a guest, including an animated Toy Story costume piece.

For Defunctland, Nate processes and edit’s all the channel’s raw audio from the host and guests, and produces it into a final edit. From there pick ups and revisions are made to adjust as production moves forward.

For Defunctland’s Nickelodeon Hotel episode, Nate also provided additional voices including the Pirate from SpongeBob Square Pants. You can hear Nate’s character voices and announcing throughout the great Defunctland episodes.

Nate is the puppet mind behind the infamous Squarespace commercials featuring Boss and Codey! Nate created the characters, shot the commercials, voiced both puppets, and puppeteered Boss, all from The Begle Booth.

The Begle Booth produces the new podcast from acclaimed puppeteer Noel MacNeal (Bear in the Big Blue House), where he reads classic stories, poems, fables, myths and more!

Noel MacNeal launched his career on “SESAME STREET”, where he honed his craft with puppetry legends Jim Henson and Frank Oz and received a Daytime Emmy Nomination for “Outstanding Performer in a Children’s Series” as “Bear.”

You can find it on Anchor.fm and all podcast platforms.